Employees working from home and at remote locations pose unique security needs. With cyber-attacks dramatically increasing, protecting your remote workforce with an endpoint detection and response solution has never been more essential

MCPc's Fortress Managed Security +
Stronger Together

Traditional antivirus can no longer keep up with today’s emerging and ingenious threats. Having a firewall is simply not enough. SentinelOne's sophisticated end point protection software combined with MCPc’s 24/7/365 expert monitoring creates a complete and robust end point protection and response package.

Until May 15, 2020, SentinelOne’s Core Solution is offered free to MCPc clients.

After deploying the endpoint protection software, someone in IT needs to monitor the devices 24x7 and respond to alerts that are raised, manage updates for definitions and the detection engine, and verify that all devices are scanned regularly.

If your IT team doesn’t have the capability, capacity, or focus to take on the monitoring task, MCPc's managed security team is available 24x7x365 to monitor, respond, and manage for you.

Remote Work Program Includes:

  • No limits. Use as many licenses as you need whether on work-from-home or corporate systems. 
  • Secure every device. Centrally manage and protect every kind of computing device across Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems, with no connectivity or network dependency.
  • Deploy in seconds. SentinelOne experts will remotely help your team deploy and configure our cloud-native technology.

The Core product is helpful, but to ensure complete protection, you may want to review MCPc’s Protection Suite and Protection Suite Plus for higher levels of protection.