secure technology asset disposition Center



MCPc Service Expansion

MCPc is moving our existing technology end-of-life infrastructure from SkyPark in Berea to a 120,000-square-foot former RTA facility in Cleveland’s Old Brooklyn neighborhood. The new space will be MCPc's Secure Technology Asset Disposition Center (STAD). In the STAD, MCPc's current IT asset disposition capabilities will be greatly enhanced. MCPc will also deliver new services related to testing, refurbishing, and remarketing equipment that still has usefull technological life.

Security is fundamental to MCPc and the facility in Old Brooklyn is no exception. The STAD will have physical and logical security, multifactor authentication, video surveillance, perimeter sensoring, personnel-based monitoring, and cyber security provisions.

Community Engagement

The kind of work being done in the STAD doesn’t require the same degree of specialized training as what’s required to work in other segments of the tech industry. As a result, MCPc has been able to create a hiring strategy in service of a greater percentage of the community surrounding the STAD. Ultimately, MCPc's goal is to create new avenues for individuals without a formal higher education to have opportunities to enter, and excel in, the information technology sector. Plans to hire members of the local community, military veterans and qualified candidates with disabilities are core to MCPc's vision for the STAD in Old Brooklyn. 


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